Upon arrival into the jungle of extraordinary buildings that pierce the sky, the first thing that i noticed is the mobbed sidewalks filled with taxi cabs and cars going to and fro in different directions, with the scent of the exhaust filling the air. As you progress deeper into the city, the aroma of the many restaurants passes through your nostrils and gives you a craving for a New York hot dog, sold by the street venders on the corner calling your name. As you continue your journey you are passed by the ongoing drift of pedestrians, talking on their phone and drinking a Starbucks while enjoying the city. The constant commotion of voices rage up and down the streets, as someone calls for a cab. A mixed sound of music styles all band together to perform one wild tune.

Its tall, unforgettable, intense, electrifying and out of this world!


new york 2

new york 3

new york 4

new york 5

new york 6

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