Happiness, someone once said, ‘happiness is a journey, not a destination’, which is the truth. We all go through life thinking “when i get ‘X’ i’ll be happy”, X meaning a holiday or outfit, the reality is never as quite as good as the dream. Being happy is something to aspire towards daily, instead of something that falls in front of you when everything is in the right place.

Treat yourself


I’m one of those people who nag others about; eating better, getting enough sleep and giving advice. But when it comes to myself, i never listen to my own advice. I get caught up with school work or other things that need to be done. But taking time to drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat healthy or do exercise you always feel better about yourself. Make sure you spend time on yourself. Eat your greens, drink water and do exercise.

Make your space a sanctuary


Around this time of year, the house looks like a battle scene, after all the presents from Christmas, its difficult to find a home for everything. It can be very stressful and makes you even more unmotivated to do anything about it. Invest some time in sorting these things out and get rid of old stuff and replace with the new. Throw out near-empty beauty products and let your space make you feel better.

Do more of what you love

Its very easy to forget what we are interested in. Getting back in touch with what we are actually interested in beside box sets or shopping. Its nice to escape from the outside world and do something for yourself.

Be selfish


I’m not saying be awful to people. But sometimes, doing exactly what you want to do is what you need. Make the decision to say no and not always do what others expect or would like you to do.

Stop comparing


One thing that we are all guilty of is comparing ourselves to others. Rather than comparing what we wear, how we act or if we have the latest brand. Instead we should be complimenting each other on successes and achievements.

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