It is pretty revealing that there are a few of the same resolutions on this years list as last years… still. So in the spirit of new starts, here is what i’m aiming for over the next year, from small insignificant to bigger, more meaningful changes.


1. Spend time with positive people 

In all our lives, there are people that make you feel happy and full and others that leave you questioning yourself or feeling deflated. Positive people are not always happy and enthusiastic, but their company always makes your day better. And you know that the feeling is mutual. You leave a positive person thinking ‘i like them so much’ and never ‘i wonder if they like me’. These people we should spend our time with and i plan on devoting 2016 to positive people.

2.Do more of what you love

Many of us love escaping somewhere for a weekend in the middle of nowhere or a night out. Well, rather than doing these things, i’m keen to make good stuff come around more often. For me, that includes photography, early morning walks, reading and meeting friends. Or even watching a whole TV series in bed then that’s fine too.

3. Blog six times a week

I am hoping blog up to six times a week. Some posts may be shorter than others (quick outfit shots, currently loving posts or general highlights) but i hope you enjoy my weekly posts.

4. Read more

I am terrible at watching ‘just one more episode’ of my favourite box set. I’m endeavouring  once again to keep the laptop out of reach and read a book instead.

5. Get fit

This is always on my resolutions list which must mean i’m never quite getting there, maybe 2016 will be the year to change me. There’s no excuses.


If you still need some inspiration for the new year, here’s some wise words we could all do with now and again… Here’s to making 2016 a good one.


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