Investing in good wardrobe essentials is very important to me. Once i would just buys things i liked without much thought. So many of those items i do not wear or have gone to charity shops; i wore them a couple of times before noticing that they don’t really go with anything that i own […]


Bomber jackets have become a recent obsession of mine after purchasing my latest one in Zara. I have been gathering some images from Pinterest and Instagram of my favourite bomber jackets. So I thought I would share these images with you…so, scroll away. Recommended song: Drake – One Dance.


After returning home from London yesterday I just wanted to go straight back again. London has something for everyone; from the history and culture to the atmosphere and the overall good times. How could you ever be bored. As a tireless innovator of art and culture, London is a city for ideas and imagination. With […]


A new season is always inspiring so i thought it was a suitable time for an equinox inspiration post. Every time i walk out of the door at 6 p.m and it’s still light, i get a little bit more happier…my shopping mojo always comes back in the spring too. After many months of layers, […]


White and black at the moment are my favourite combination for both clothing and design. As it seems that my whole Pinterest is full of black and white images, I thought that there could be no way better to share these photos…                           […]


As it is Sunday tomorrow I thought it would be a good time to do a blog on winding down. Sunday’s are a day of rest, relaxation and reflection so a lengthy post with my current inspirational images taking over my desktop seemed like a good way to wind down. Whilst we are reflecting, here […]

Sweden style

  After recently looking through my Pinterest at Swedish style and design, i found some very inspirational images. You’d be hard-pressed to find a nation that just get’s the minimalist and basic design. I’ll stop rambling on and let you scroll away…


As it is nearly the middle of the week, we all need that little bit of inspiration to keep us going. Staying inspired can be difficult. At this time of year, the coats I’ve had for several months have lost their appeal, and everything in the ‘new in’ section won’t be weather appropriate for several […]


When life starts to weigh me down, i try to lighten it up by stripping things back to the basics to remember whats important. Whether that’s clearing out the wardrobe, being with those who you know you love best, or working through the to-do list that has gone out of control. Sometimes you need to […]