Needless to say, sometimes there’s nothing better than falling back to old favourites to see you through one of the busiest times of year…Classic Converse and a new bomber jacket (that i have just ordered) which i probably won’t take off for a week. It’s hard imagining getting dressed in anything else right now.


I’ve always hated this whole ‘basic’ put down. As far as i’m concerned the simple things in life really are the greatest. And when it comes to my wardrobe, i’ll never get tired of essential favourites that look good time after time. A pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt…for me, the less details on […]


There are many things that i can never have enough of, and one such thing is striped tops… No matter how many i collect, there’s always room for more in my constantly growing pile. I’m a true addict, i have an excuse and reason for each one, and to me, they are all different and […]